MGill Studio was initially built as an art studio for an award winning digital artist
    whose work is in public and private collections.  The founder MGill has found there
    to be a need to provide high quality digital prints on canvas and paper for artist and
    the general public using his high quality equipment and artistic knowledge.  

    MGill still focuses on creating his original artwork digitally, but has now opened up
    his studio to produce incredible prints of other people's treasures.  These images
    can be everything from a family digital photo to a digitally drawn image.  

    What you get with any order from MGill Studio is the years of experience and his
    personal technical and artistic knowledge.  We strive to maintain and represent
    your true intent with a finished product that you will be happy to display.  We also
    pride ourselves to answer any questions that you might have prior or during the
    process to guarantee the best results are achieved.

What does the base charge include?
  • Minor retouching and cropping of a digital image. (*note: If the image is not digital.  
    It is recommended to have it scanned at a high resolution by a service company, or
    we can do it for you.  Please refer to scanning for additional fees.)
  • Sharpen the image for the most dynamic printed image.
  • Produce a web-proof image for review to approve; cropping, framing, image
    appearance, etc.
  • Apply a special UV coating to the work.  
  • Mount a printed canvas onto standard stretcher bars. (*note: this option is removed
    when ordering an non-stretched canvas print.)
  • Works on paper will be delivered rolled up inside tubes.

What is meant by gallery wrap?
    Gallery wrap is a process of stretching the canvas around to the back of the
    framing bars and applying the staples at that point.  Using this technique it is
    possible to have the image continue around the edges of the work.

Will the UV coating affect the work?
    The UV coating that is applied to the work is to increase the color fastness of the
    work to outlast our lifetime.  Under controlled scientific conditions it has been found
    that the color should stay true under normal room conditions for about 86 years on
    canvas prints; and when the same coating is applied to prints on archival papers it
    increases to about 180 years.  

How do I get my image to you?
    MGill Studio works with either digital or pictures that need to be scanned.  All
    pricing is tied directly to digital files that require little to no manipulation.  Please
    email your finished picture to  Please specify your order
    number on the subject line of the email.

How do I care and maintain my print?
    One thing that holds true for canvas as well as prints on paper is to hang them in
    locations where they are not directly in the sun.  Direct sunlight will reduce the
    lifespan of your print much like other art produced with pigments on paper or
    canvas.  For prints mounted behind glass always dampen the cloth prior to making
    contact with the glass as opposed to spraying the cleaner directly on the glass.  For
    canvas prints never use any form of water or cleaning product on the print.  For
    canvas only use a clean soft dust brush to lightly remove any particles of dust that
    might have built up on the print.  

Can I order a canvas print without getting it stretched?
    Yes, you may do this.  We try to offer the best service to our customers’ and find
    that some wish to mount their own images.  This option does reduce the cost and
    the finished canvas print will be shipped in a mailing tube.    

What resolution or mega pixel image should I give you?
    If the image is one that was worked on with a photo-editing program or painting
    program the images should be saved as RGB images no less than 300dpi at the
    final printed size diesired.  This would guarantee the best image output.
    If this image was a photograph that was taken with a digital camera than the actual
    picture file is required.  Keep in mind that larger mega pixel cameras allow for larger
    prints to be made.  This does not rule out using a lower quality camera producing
    large prints, but reality is that there will be pixilation in the images of lower mega
    pixel cameras.  There are tweaks that we can do for you and even wash the image
    through some popular filters giving it a more painterly feel to reduce the image
    pixilation.  Any works along these lines are custom and requires a detailed
    conversation with the customer prior to starting.     

Are the colors true to the image?
    This is a loaded question when we get into the digital world since each monitor and
    system is different and can portray the image differently than other systems.  The
    best answer that we can give to you is that from our initial image to the final product
    we take great care to have all of our systems calibrated and working as one.  What
    that means is that we have carefully designed profiles for use with our printer,
    scanner and monitor.  On top of that we utilize specially designed ICC profiles for
    printing on different types of paper and canvas.   All of this is no different than any
    other high level Giclee’ printing house should deliver to each of their customers’.  
    We take pride in the final product that we deliver and continuously keep up with the
    new technical innovations to deliver a high end product.

The Ordering Process
    Select the image that you wish to be used for your print.
  1. Work out what size you would like to see the image.
  2. Place the order.
  3. Receive an email asking you to approve a proof image on the web.
  4. Receive the final print
  5. Display the print or give it as a gift.
    The ordering process seems simple, but we realize that this process seems
    intimidating and further questions need to be answered.  We encourage you to ask
    any questions that you wish during any phase of the process to guarantee that the
    final product that you are getting is exactly what you want.  

MGill Studio