Giclee (pronounced Gee’Clay) is a French term meaning to spray
    or squirt, which is how an inkjet printer works. The difference with
    the inkjet printers that are used for home and the printers that are
    used to produce these prints are two fold. First, the type of ink that
    is used is different. As opposed to dye inks a Giclee print is printed
    using pigment inks and only the finest Archival quality papers are
    used to create the prints. Second, the printers utilize a much
    broader range of colors as opposed to the home printer, this in
    turn increases the vividness of the print.

    In Giclee printing, no screens or plates are used and therefore
    there is no visible dot screen pattern. The high quality of the print
    utilizing a varied droplet size allows no visual clue that these prints
    were printed by a machine.

    On a final point MGill Studio utilizes the latest in printing
    technology; therefore the highest level of quality is achieved on
    every print.  Thank you for your interest.
MGill Studio