MGill Studio is a closed shop. All the artwork from conception to the final product is
    produced at the studio without third party providers doing any of the production

    Why do you not send out the print work?

    MGill Studio believes in the quality of the Art and feels that only the Artist can
    deliver the final picture as it was intended to be presented.

    What kind of Paper is used to produce the Giclee?

    MGill Studio tries to uphold the current approved papers by different websites on
    the internet trying to influence a high standard for this type of Art. Currently, all
    prints on paper are printed on Epson Somerset Velvet or Hahnemule German
    Etching Paper.

    Do you have a certificate of authenticity?

    Yes, each one of the limited edition prints on canvas or paper come with their own
    certificate of authenticity signed, dated and numbered byt the artist.

    Why are some prints offered on Canvas?

    It is true that a print on Canvas is not rated to last as long as one on paper. Current
    tests show that a print with a protective coat on canvas should hold its color for
    about 86 years, while on paper that number is closer to 180 years. The reason that
    MGill Studio wishes to make some images available on canvas is really to allow the
    buyer the choice. A work on canvas has a much different look and with a proper
    frame can look much richer than the same print on paper.

    Why are some prints more than others?

    There are many factors that drive the prices of my work.  Some are tied to specific
    number of prints and the size of the work, while others are tied directly to the
    business side calculations.  The pricing of Art is not something that one can take
    lightly, but I do guarantee that once a base price has been set the price will never
    drop from that base and can only go up as seen with some of the higher priced

MGill Studio