MGill Studio has a few different offerings tied to direct commission work.  Each offering is focused on
    delivering the same high quality print with the same attention to detail applied.  The following items
    listed and explained below are types of work that can be commissioned.  

    Individual one of a kind prints -

    MGill Studio strives to deliver a personal touch.  Since the work is all created by means of a computer
    a print would still be the final product, but the piece is one of a kind and will be numbered 1/1; and the
    original digital file will be destroyed.  The cost structure for this type of work revolves around the type
    of requested work, final output size, uniqueness and material used.  

    Keepsake Photo printed onto Canvas with filters applied -

    MGill Studio can take a digital photo that you treasure and alter it adding artistic flourishes and
    printing it onto Canvas or Archival Art Paper.  Under this process one draft copy of a much smaller
    scale will be created for sign off for the final output.  The final printed output is the end product that is
    delivered to you along with your original digital photo.  The final digital file will remain in possession of
    MGill Studio, but any additional prints of the picture will not be made without the expressed written
    consent of the owner of the digital photo.  Results may vary due to the quality of the image and
    number of pixels that the image holds, but it can result in a memorable picture to last through time.

    Commission a Limited Edition Print -

    Yes, MGill Studio can work with this concept.  The overall goal of MGill Studio is to offer good value
    fine art that many more people can afford.  Due to the nature of copyright laws and other items there
    would be a contract that is signed by both parties that will release the rights of the final original work to
    MGill Studio in exchange for the Number 1 print of that edition series.  MGill Studio holds the final say
    on all components that make up the picture, but will work with the person driving this commission to
    utilize as many of their personal ideas as possible into the piece.  Under this solution the price point is
    in line with the current prices found within the store, but the total control of the final work is
    surrendered over to MGill Studio without a final sign off of a draft image.  Ideas for work that are not
    suited as a limited edition print should be considered to be created as a one of a kind print.

If interested send mail to: mgill
Pricing and more details can be obtained by contacting: mgill
Pricing and more details can be obtained by contacting: mgill
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