Artist Statement
    My Digital Paintings start with an idea, then evolve into compositions in which color and lines collide
    to create forms and shapes.  To me, art is a synthesis of my personal experiences, the period of time
    that we live and the tools used to create it.  The representation of the form with color and simplicity
    are my primary goals.      

Artist Bio

    I am a Digital Painter for the 21st century.  I was formally trained in oils, acrylics and printmaking and
    graduated from the University of California, Riverside with a Bachelor's Degree in Art and a second
    Bachelor's in Ethnic Studies.

    My work touches upon a variety of styles and subject matters, but a minimalist approach and focus on
    color and the line are a common thread throughout.    My work strives to evoke a personal interaction
    with the viewer pulling out their own feelings and emotions.  

    My work not only reflects my study in Art but also my studies of people
    and cultures’.  My core principal belief as an artist is that I am a tool providing a snapshot for future

     I personally produce, sign and number each limited edition Giclee* Print and do not utilize any outside
    service company to produce my work.  By doing this I have total control in the creative process
    outputting the original intent from bits/bytes to the final print on paper or canvas.     
    I am a resident of Elk Grove, CA serving on the Elk Grove City Arts Committee and a member of the
    Elk Grove Artists.  My work hangs in public and private collections.

                                                      Michael Gill (MGill)
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